Dining out as a family is an activity that serves as a social experience for the members of the family and helps children in their growth. Eating out is an opportunity for the children to practise good table manners that they have learned at home. For parents, it is the perfect opportunity for them to see if the children have understood how to conduct oneself during mealtimes and when dining outside.

Aside from the family bonding-time and the desire to eat some tasty food, dining outside also brings out the following benefits:

  1. The child develops an awareness of the importance of behaving decently when eating in the presence of people other than family members. A child who usually bickers and whimpers a lot when eating at home finds himself looking at other people behaving well and eating properly with grace and respect to the food served on the table. Exposing the child to such situations will teach him or her that mealtimes is not the time for tantrums and unbecoming behavior; this is extremely important for early learning. As the situation runs in your child’s young mind, they learn the importance of conducting themselves well during mealtimes in some new places and they realise the value of respecting food, the people around them, and themself.


  1. When parents ask the children of the food that they want on the menu, they know that their parents value their preferences. This leads to self-confidence being strengthened as the family decides together for the dishes that they want to be served. Also guiding them on how to handle the different eating scenarios and reminding them of the correct table manners add more confidence and realization that parents and grown-ups around are always there to guide them. Proper table manners are also taught in an enjoyable way at Happy Feet, our childcare in Carlton.


  1. Children learn to practice sharing and showing concern as they help pass the food around during mealtimes. Seeing to it that everyone has their food before starting to eat is an act of courtesy that is appreciated by others, more so by the family members.


  1. Developing interest in learning about how food is made. Families who  visit new restaurants offering a new dish may later find the dish to be the family’s favorite may learn how its preparation is done. Aside from the simple, age-appropriate recipes that kids learn at a preschool, family discussions on the matter may open the child’s curiosity on how some simple ingredients make a scrumptious dish. The desire to know more about food preparations may lead him to aspire for success in food business ventures in the future.

Choosing a good restaurant for children should be considered. A restaurant with an incorrect atmosphere and menu offerings geared towards the grown-ups may be intimidating for a child. Parents are in the best position to judge which restaurant is child-friendly in terms of service, foods served, space, facilities and other options. Restaurants with glass decors and breakable furniture that are placed in a way which could be easily bumped by the little ones who always tend to run may not be a wise option for a family dinner. Carlton and its surrounding areas have a number of fantastic restaurants for families. Here are the Top Places to Eat in Carlton.

1) Posch Thai Restaurant

Alertness, curiosity, and observation are developed during dinner when children give their opinions about the restaurant, the food, and the service. New things that catch their attention is readily followed by questions to which parents should always try to give appropriate answers to such queries. International cuisines introduce the youngsters to the appreciation if different cultures, unique tastes, flavours, and having a broad palate. The Posch Thai Restaurant is a great option for families who want to taste delicious Thai dishes and Asian fusion food, in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

2) Papa Gino’s Restaurant

Papa Gino’s creates an opportunity for bonding. Happy families thrive best on get-togethers with plenty of food not only to fill their tummies but to enjoy the company of each other. Dining outside is a good opportunity to bond as everyone is present. While waiting for the food to be served, the members engage in light conversations which may be about how each one spent the day and how wonderful to end the day with a dinner outside. It is also an excellent way to hold celebrations and to serve as a reward for a job well done. Papa Gino’s Restaurant is a dining landmark in Carlton. With its awesome menu and the place’s classic and timeless vibe, it is a popular kid-friendly restaurant for those who want to indulge in delicious pizza, pasta, and yummy desserts.

3) Omeros On The Beach

At Omeros on the Beach, Children gain the opportunity to try healthier choices such as fresh seafood, vegetable, and salads. They may learn to opt for fruit salads instead of cakes and pastries. Served in a restaurant that has a bright and inviting atmosphere and encouragement from adults, the children may try and find the new food acceptable at first, and later a favorite after a few tries.  Omeros on the Beach is the perfect choice for families aiming to enjoy fresh seafood dishes that are beautifully prepared — while savoring the impeccable views and modern ambiance.


4) The Laughing Goat Cafe

Creativity is developed when children are presented with various menu from different restaurants. Kids also learn patience, especially while waiting for their orders to be served. The Laughing Goat Cafe allows families to have fun dining in a quirky cafe. The attractive interiors, vintage items, and interesting designs are sure to ignite your child’s creativity and imagination!

5) Hide and Seek Cafe

Shyness is overcome when the kids are often surrounded by people. The experience boosts their social skills as their use of courtesy phrases and conversations are encouraged like ordering food, making requests to the servers, asking the staff where the toilet is, etc. The Hide and Seek Cafe offers affordable and healthy options in an absolutely child-friendly setting. There are toys, books and puzzles for the kids and the place has enough space and play areas for engaging activities where they could play and socialize with other kids and interact with the adults.

A simple eating out trip is indeed a rich experience that brings family members closer and is also a perfect chance to develop proper dining etiquette at an early age. The food — when enjoyed by the family — brings out the best from each member. Truly, nothing brings people together than the pleasure of eating appetizing, well-prepared dishes and satisfying foods in a nice and pleasant restaurant that leaves truly wonderful bonding memories, worthy of being treasured for a lifetime.

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