Life is beautiful, and children add more colour and sunshine into it. As adults, it is our job to nurture their natural abilities and inherent talents, so that we can guide them into reaching their fullest potential and help them become morally-upright citizens and responsible stewards of the Earth. We can do so by providing them with opportunities where they can gain a lot of knowledge, insights, and enjoy life, all at the same time.

There is a grain of truth in the Polish Proverb, “You have a lifetime to work, but children are only young once.” Juggling our professional and family life as-well as multitasking can become really daunting. But it’s undeniable that despite the pressures and stresses from our daily routines, our kids will always be our top priority. They are the ones who motivate us, inspire us, and push us to strive better. So in order for them to lead meaningful and fulfilled lives, we must make sure that we offer them with the best experiences possible while spending time with them as much as we can. The good news is that there are so many opportunities for early learning in Carlton that could provide plenty of educational experiences and inspiration for our little ones.

It’s ideal that we provide a good balance between indoor and outdoor activities. A great childcare in Carlton such as Happy Feet Childcare ensures that children do not only achieve academic education but are also able to benefit from experiential learning too — which is considered to be deeper and more meaningful in the long-term.


Exploring a Zoo

Let the caring teachers at the Happy Feet Preschool in Carlton educate your kids about science and expand your kids’ knowledge of various plants and animals with a visit to the zoo! Have a TV-free day and meet the adorable animals instead. Let them hug a koala at the Symbio Zoo after seeing the wildlife park’s majestic waterfalls or pat the friendly kangaroos at the Taronga Zoo. Your kids will learn the behaviors of different animals, up close and personal; and the zoo will leave them refreshed with the calming breeze and beautiful surroundings. This experience is also bound to help them realize that people should preserve and respect the animals and the environment that we live in.


Outing to a Nearby Park

A relaxed & laidback time at a park can provide so many benefits to your child’s well-being, and the bonding time will strengthen the child’s relationship with the whole family! Have your kids marvel at the gorgeous backdrops. Let them play and run on the jade-hued grass before eating some yummy snacks under the tall trees. Spend a magical day at the castle-themed playspaces of Kogarah Park in Carlton which also offers child-friendly facilities. The Carss Bush Park is also a charming location for those who are looking to have their little ones play in an enclosed toddler playground. For a bigger family park, the expansive Sydney Park allows the whole family to engage in massive fun in the fantastic play areas, amazing playgrounds and huge open spaces. Moreover, you and your children can enjoy the running & swimming activities the Sydney Park has to offer!

Swimming Lessons

Your child could gain a lot of healthful benefits from swimming. Taking a swimming lesson in Carlton will enable your tots to learn how to swim at an early age, and improve their cardiovascular health too. Swimming boosts stamina and can also help in enhancing your child’s flexibility and strength. C&M Aquatic Centre in Padstow accepts kids from the age of 2. Col Jones Swim Fitness also offers classes for different levels. Their Baby Level is for babies who are 6 months to 2 years old. Most swimming schools in Carlton and in the neighbouring areas have amazing pools and facilities, certified instructors, and supportive staff.


Arts and Crafts Classes

Instill the love for arts and crafts in your kids! Ignite their passion for creativity and hone their self-expression by enroling them to a reputable kindergarten in Carlton or to one of the Arts and Crafts lessons in NSW. Children as young as 3 years old can enjoy the fun-filled art and craft activities at the St. George Creative Art & Craft Classes or introduce your kids to pottery and sculpture at the Art Est’s Pottery Wheel School! Art Est conducts lessons where kids are taught about the basic principles of ceramic-making using a pottery wheel with their parents. Exciting! This experience could help develop their fine motor skills while giving them a stress-relief activity.

Music and Dance Lessons

Hone the talent of your children, strengthen their memory, and teach them the essence of collaboration by signing them up for the performing arts of their choice! ACTive Elite Performers at Kogarah offers singing, dancing, and drama classes for different age groups. For those who want to develop their kids’ musical abilities, Wunderkinds Piano in Mascot, NSW offers piano lessons and music theory tuition for kids from 5 years old.

Indeed, there is no perfect or right formula for parenting and we can only do so much. But by striving hard to give our children the best opportunities to develop them holistically, allowing them to enjoy their childhood and making them happy in our own little ways, they will eventually be able to joyfully reminisce their perfect childhood memories — showered with love, and laced with the best guidance and support. 🙂

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