Doing things regularly and consistently becomes a habit. Good habits help the body to be healthy while bad habits can cause stress, different kinds of illnesses and unproductivity. Observing and practising good health habits help one to have a happy and fruitful life. One positive habit that contributes to a relaxed and a pleasant personality is having adequate sleep and rest.

Growing kids need sufficient rest. Depending on their age, they should have at least 9-12 hours of sleep. Adequate sleep and rest give relaxation to the mind and body. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the recommended number of sleep hours for preschoolers is about 10 to 13 hours; then toddlers require about 11 to 14 hours of sleep.

If your child is already attending a preschool in Carlton, you should make sure that he or she is always well-rested. When one is asleep, the body is given the chance to recover the lost energy, so when the person wakes up, they feel refreshed and re-energized, and ready to face any activity. This is an important consideration at our early learning centre in Carlton.


To ensure that the kids get adequate sleep, these bedtime habits can be observed.

  1. Unwind an hour before bedtime. This is some sort of a preparation before the kids are sent to bed. Doing assignments, TV-viewing, and playing games should end a few hours before bedtime to give way to lighter activities that should be done before sleeping. When kids are in a rush and there are many things to do before going to bed, they may become stressed and upset, especially when they are in a middle of an activity. When the kids are stressed, the matter of relaxation becomes ruined. It would be to the child’s advantage to be asked to finish any activity with enough time to make them feel more rested and prepared before sleeping. Establishing a regular schedule for bedtime will teach them to get used to handling routines and structures.


  1. Let the kids have a quick bath before bedtime. The cool or warm splashes and the fragrance of the bath soap or body wash will help them to feel good and calm. The bath will soothe their tired feeling from their long day of work and play. Comfortable sleepwear, which is not too tight or too loose, are recommended for them to have a relaxing sleep.


  1. Instruct the kids to brush their teeth not only to achieve that pleasant feeling when one’s mouth is clean but also to keep their teeth free from cavities. Being firm in sticking to the routine of brushing the teeth will help them achieve healthy gums and teeth while also preparing their body for a satisfying sleep.


  1. Although plenty of reading activities are done at school, like the exciting reading times at Happy Feet, our childcare in Carlton, a regular time for reading shared by the child and the parent is essential. The parent can read a story to the kid or both of them can read together. Kids love it when the parent is around, doing the activity for them and with them. You can also hush them into a lovely slumber by singing timeless lullabies.


  1. Parents can find some quiet time for the children to listen together to soft music that will help the kids to feel more relaxed. The feel-good music soothes the kids to sleep.


  1. If the child has a favourite teddy bear or other stuffed toys which they wants to cuddle in their sleep, be sure to put it in her bedside as this will make her calm and secured that they have company while they are sleeping.


  1. Foods rich in melatonin, like a bowl of oatmeal, are also useful for kids to have better sleep. Milk can also help your child achieve a sound sleep. So before sending them to bed, let them enjoy a glass of warm milk!


  1. Help your little one relax before she dozes off with a calming massage.


  1. Make the bedroom lighting dim to set a tranquil mood, which may help in making your kid fall asleep quickly.


  1. Make sure to give them your sweet kisses and hugs every time you say your goodnights. This will reflect feelings of security and being loved, which will make them feel more confident, stronger, and appreciative towards the pleasant things that they receive and experience.

If you have a school-age child or your little one is already at a kindergarten in Carlton, it is best to properly guide and monitor their routine and activities in preparation for their bedtime. It is also suggested that parents educate the kids of the importance of practising good sleeping habits as these will lead to being fit and healthy, allowing them to fully enjoy learning activities and recreation. It is important to let them know that enough rest and sleep are useful for their optimal growth and when kids do not sleep well, the result is unpleasant. They will not have the energy to play and they may get sick. Kids who do not have adequate sleep also do not look good. They feel weak with bad posture and drooping eyes.


Establishing good bedtime habits promotes good health and a happy lifestyle. Being prepared and anticipating some troubles when putting them to bed may arise, so expecting these to happen is useful and may make you less stressed and frustrated. Depending on their age and their readiness, create a bedtime plan for your little one in a consistent manner, so you all can enjoy a wonderful bonding moment before they go to a deep and delightful sleep.



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