These days, having a healthy work-life balance is achievable for parents who would like to succeed in their professions while successfully raising their children. Mums and dads who are working in an office-based setting or in industries that require them to be present on site often use childcare providers, day care centres, and preschools to take care of their little ones while they are at work. Some parents leave their kids to a family friend, a relative, or a babysitter who does a variety of tasks such as taking care of the tots and teaching them various lessons at home.

Parents also have the option to either drop off their kids at a daycare center or at the babysitter’s house, or they can choose to have a babysitter come over and look after the baby in their respective homes. This setup is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Parents can choose an arrangement that is be ideal to their child’s readiness, schedules, preferences, goals, and budget as well.

Most parents choose to take their kids into an early learning centre because of the purpose of not only having someone look after their tykes but a childcare also serves as a great way for the kids to achieve a productive time filled with learning experiences that are provided by trained and experienced teachers. At Happy Feet, a childcare in Carlton, the teachers are not only knowledgeable, trained, and experienced. They all recognize the fact that teaching requires great passion to nurture the children so aside from having the technical skills and academic background, they are also compassionate and committed in maintaining a supportive environment.

The time when your child starts to go to kindergarten or a daycare centre often brings out a mixed feeling of both excitement and anxiety. It is of course very useful in preparing for it beforehand but no matter how we get ready for our child’s first day of school in advance and even if as parents, we tend to be confident in our kids’ capabilities and in our own experiences and knowledge, getting worried or frightened is pretty normal.

To ease the difficulties and stress brought about by the First Day of School Blues, you may find the following suggestions useful:


Childcare Credentials

Choose a childcare or a day care centre wisely. Most registered childcare centers have an experienced director, administrator, teachers, and non-teaching staff. Aside from knowing the credentials of the teachers and school employees, make sure to confirm if the carers are experienced and police-checked. Asking for situational questions and knowing how they are being dealt with will surely give you a little idea on how they manage the center. The school director or administrator is usually happy to keep you informed so feel free to ask any questions that will also provide you with reassurance and peace of mind.

Get to know the Childcare Centre

Check the childcare’s learning equipment and facilities. See if they are on topnotch condition or are rusty and damaged. Inspect the toilets if they are clean and child-friendly, see if their facilities are safe to be used by the kids, and also speak with the childcare center director on the safety measures, drills, how the meals are prepared, how they deal with emergencies, how they handle bullying, as well as knowing their registration or accreditations. Trust is a huge deal when it comes to choosing a childcare or preschool or for our youngsters. For kids who are already into childcare, it is great to compliment the management’s wonderful actions but be also honest with regards to the things to improve on that will surely benefit your child’s welfare.

First Day of School

Both parents and kids share an amount of delight when the first day of school approaches. Children are different: some may cry, become afraid and express a separation anxiety, and others hold a tantrum on their first day of school. If your child becomes upset as you drop him off at childcare, be comforting and try your best to be visible or reachable, yet without compromising your child’s independence by babying their fears. It is best to balance the way to establish independence and confidence in themselves, alongside having the trust and faith that they are safe. Avoid the instances of separation anxiety with quick goodbyes, constant reassurance, and most importantly, by letting them know that you’re always a phone call away.

Don’t Talk to Strangers

Always remind your children not to talk to strangers and to always stay within the school premises. Childcare centers are usually very strict when it comes to security but it always pays to be extra careful and to educate the little ones in keeping themselves safe. Remind them to always stay within the day care centre’s premises and to avoid talking or believing in people claiming to be their parents’ sibling or friend. A handy “Contact Card” with your name and contact details is extremely useful for both your child and the staff at the childcare center.

Nutrition, Asthma Management, and Allergies

Make sure to keep the childcare informed of your little ones’ dietary requirements and food allergies. Whether you are sending your child to a preschool or a nanny comes over, it is wise to let the teacher or carer know about this so that they can be able to provide clean, nutritious meals and to also prepare a successful intervention should an Asthma attack, allergy, or any other sicknesses strike.

It is highly important that we provide the reassurance that our children needs in order to gain confidence in themselves little by little, and it is also a huge thing to be kind to ourselves as parents on the instances that didn’t go as planned or during challenging times. Remember that our kids can learn a lot from the way we handle things. Let us show them that we can deal with an ordeal smartly and in a gracious manner.


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