About us

“If a child has been able to play, to give up their whole living being to the world around them, they will be able, in these serious tasks of later life, to devote themselves with confidence and purpose to the service of the world.” -Rudolf Steiner

Our Childcare Centre

Anastasia Papadopoulos and Simon Leverton own and operate four centres within the St George and Sutherland areas. Each of the family owned and operated centres, Giggles Early Learning Centre (Bexley), The Little Cottage (Carlton), Happy Feet Child Care Centre (Carlton) and Wyralla Road Kindergarten (Miranda) is very well known in the local community for their excellence in the delivery of children’s services, contribution to the local community and support of numerous charities.

Giggles Early Learning Centre, The Little Cottage, Happy Feet Child Care Centre and Wyralla Road Kindergarten continue to be recognised as leaders in their field for excellence in the delivery of children’s learning year after year in many business and industry awards including the St George Leader Small Business Awards, Rockdale Council Awards, Australian Small Business Champion Awards and the Australian Family Early Education & Care Awards – often going ‘head to head’ in aiming for the coveted title. Charity and community engagement extends to Oxfam, The Nappy Collective, supporting local nursing homes and the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.



Parents of two gorgeous young children, Anastasia and Simon know and appreciate the necessity to provide a superior service, yet in warm, homely and friendly environment. They pride themselves on having an exceptional team of educators who are equally as passionate about early childhood education and consider their team, and children who attend, as an extension to their own family. Such is this strong bond that’s created, many families continue to return as clients as their families grow and even come back to say ‘hi’ when their little ones are attending ‘big school’.

Anastasia and Simon have helped create a wonderful workplace culture at each of their centres and as such, have long standing educators and Centre Directors that have been in their roles for over 12 years! They pride themselves in creating a family environment, watching their educators grow into valued leaders of the organisation, with families now of their own! This happy and skilled environment helps create stability and routine for children in our care.


About our family of educators

Our team of educators are dedicated and passionate about providing your children with programs and experiences that cultivate the children’s imagination, sense of wonder and ability for sustained attention.

GoGo – our affectionate nick name for our much loved Greek cook, Georgina.

Anastasia’s mum has been cooking Greek style influenced nutritious meals for over 12 years. She is renowned for feeding the children and the teams of educators at lunchtime her yummy home grown ingredients cooked to perfection! GoGo’s Greek Style nutritious cooking provides a great contribution to our quality of services. Gogo, holds the relevant qualifications and accreditations meeting the regulatory standards to prepare and cook nutritious food for our children.


Our Centre Values

  • Togetherness – United as a team, working alongside families, children and the community.
  • Respectful Relationships – Valuing everyone’s differences and uniqueness.
  • Belonging – Sense of home away from home.
  • Well-being – value play for learning.
  • Becoming – Deeply connected to all of our environment.

We acknowledge the original owners of our land, the Gadigal people, along with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the community. As part of this community, we have a responsibility to our children and families to establish and maintain a sense of belonging and connection to our shared land and to actively embrace the indigenous culture of the Gadigal people. We are committed to our continued learning and teaching of our history with respect and acknowledgment of the traditional owners of the land.

We acknowledge that families trust us with their most precious gifts, their children. Our service supports families in their parenting role and offer a collaborative approach to the nurturing and education of their children. We encourage families to be active participants in the life of our centre, by sharing cultural customs, knowledge, strengths and interests of their children. We believe in creating a sense of belonging and community and connect to the land and each other through song, dance and sharing stories.

Our beautiful home-like environment is a place where each individual is lovingly nurtured. In our programs, children are free to do children’s work, they are given the gift of time for exploration to partake in open ended play and initiate activities that awaken their imagination. All resources are of natural materials they would engage with in the world~ wood, silk, woolen felts and more as these materials nourish the senses and serve towards their sense of wellbeing. Our program encourages the development of fine and gross motor skills, social emotional wellbeing and a positive self-concept, which stimulates their academic capacities as they grow. Our richly focused program lays a foundation for independent thinking, creative problem solving and a sense of confidence, which equips our children for their future.

Our approach to early childhood education is guided by the indications of Rudolf Steiner, Lev Vygotski, Carl Rogers, John Bowlby and Jean Piaget, along with many other philosophies that speak to our hearts – these create the platform from which we embrace and link our daily practices to the Early Years Learning Framework (part of Australian Government’s National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care).

As pedagogies we believe it is our role to educate the children on the importance of respecting our natural environment and how to actively look after their environment and the greater world. We value our earth’s resources, teach reverence and role model love for our planet Earth. We believe in empowering the children in their early years to make significant positive differences to the our natural world.

We respect the role we play in the children’s formative years. We strive to embed a “love of learning” that they may take with them through their life. We as educators are committed to continued professional and personal education and learning to improve our competence, skill, effectiveness and remain at the forefront of current research in education and care services.

“Tell me & I forget, Teach me & I may remember, Involve me & I learn”

Benjamin Franklin


Mary Isaac

Butterflies Educator

Vanessa Holding

Compliance Manager/Early Childhood Teacher/Educational Leader

Mariam Hammoud

Diploma Trained – 11 years service

Katie Thorn

Currently Training to be Early Childhood Educator

Livia Patricio

Assistant Director

Jessica Lee

Diploma Trained – Currently studying at Macquarie University – Bachelor of Early Childhood.