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“The Early Years, (the years before formal schooling), are the most important of all in the education of the child!
It is absolutely essential that before we begin to think, before we so much as begin to set our thinking in motion, we experience the condition of wonder.” – Rudolf Steiner

About our childcare centre in Carlton

Happy Feet Early Years centre offers a program which gently introduces the child to a calm, unhurried approach to learning. Children are natural learners that observe, imitate and construct meaning from what exists in their close environment, thus our activities are usually designed to be open-ended, use natural materials, involve integration of different senses, and to allow for individual expressions, imagination and the feeling of success.

Our beautiful home- like environment is a place where each individual is lovingly nurtured, in our programs, children are free to be children, and are given the gift of time for exploration through play. Children partake and initiate activities that awaken their imagination and develop fine and gross motor skills, which will later grow into emotional and academic capacities. Our curriculum lays a foundation for independent thinking, creative problem solving and a sense of confidence, which equips our children for future challenges.

Our approach to early childhood education is guided by the indications of Rudolf Steiner along with many other philosophies that speak to our hearts – these create the platform from which we embrace and link our daily practices to the early Years Learning Framework (part of Australian Government’s National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care).

We believe the experiences that are essential for the healthy development for the young child include

  • A loving and warm environment.
  • An environment that nourishes the senses.
  • Creative and Artistic expression.
  • Meaningful adult activity to be imitated.
  • Self -intiated free, imaginative play.
  • Gratitude, reverence and wonder.
  • Joy, humour, happiness.
  • Early childhood educators on their own path of inner development.

Happy Feet Early Years Centre is privately owned and run by Anastasia Papadopoulos and Simon Leverton, Award winning childcare centre operators and much loved members of the Southern Sydney community.

Our centre in Carlton is open Monday – Friday from 7am to 6pm for 52 weeks of the year (closed on NSW Public Holidays).
We cater for children between the ages of 18 months – 5 years.

Please contact for any questions or to book a tour of the centre. We look forward to welcoming your family to the ‘Happy Feet’ family.


Dear Teachers,
We are so thankful to every single one of you for always being so supportive, kind and looking after Shreyana so well.

Thank you for always listening our concern and working on it towards Shreyana’s journey. Without your guidance and support it wouldn’t be possible for us to raise Shreyana so well.

Along with Shreyana, we will miss you all and always be grateful towards the teachers and centre.

Kinds regards,
Shreyana, Shrusija and Santa

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106 Mill St,
Carlton NSW 2218

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri
7am – 6pm

Highest quality of care located at the heart of Carlton.

If you would like to learn more about our centre, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below and one of our lovely educators will get in touch with you soon.