Jessica Da Silva

Director/Room Leader

  • Diploma in Children’s Services

Jessica has a Diploma in Children’s Service and comes from an educational background as her mother works in childcare, so she knew from a young age
this is what she wanted to do. Jessica says she likes the variety of age groups and diverse cultures at TLC and of course, working with our great team.

Why Childcare

I chose childcare because I know that what we teach children today will be essential for their success.
Simple things make a huge difference in a child’s development which promotes the development of a healthy bright adult.

Why The Little Cottage

TLC is a homely place that children feel comfortable. It is a place to learn and develop the most important milestones for life.

Vanessa Holding

Compliance Manager/Early Childhood Teacher/Educational Leader

  • Bch. of Teaching and Learning (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Early Education Birth to Five years
  • Diploma in Children’s Services
  • Oversees the entire Educational Curriculum for the organisation

Why Childcare?

I chose childcare as I have always had a passion for children since a young age. I enjoy walking into a room and have their faces light up when they see me. I feel we have one of the most important jobs in the world – teaching the children of tomorrow. It is my goal to provide exciting, stimulating and engaging activities for the children to learn through play. Watching the children learn and grow over the time I spend with them is so rewarding.

Mariam Hammoud

Room Leader Caterpillars

  • Certificate 3 in Children’s Services
  • Educating in our centres since 2008

Why Childcare?

I love watching children grow up and achieve milestones and love being a part of it.

Why Happy Feet?

Happy Feet staff, families and children make me loved and welcomed and it feels like a second home to me.

Mary Isaac

Butterflies Educator

  • Certificate 3 in Children’s Services

Why Childcare?

I like to see children achieve goals and reach milestones.

Why Happy Feet?

This is my second home, I feel welcomed and loved by everyone.

Mandy Wang

Caterpillars Educator

  • Diploma in Children’s Services
  • Fluent in Mandarin

Why Childcare?

Because I love children and working with them. It makes me happy to know that I am providing them with the education for their future.

Why Happy Feet?

When I walked into the service I fell in love with the children, the centre and the educators. I am looking forward to learning from the other educators within the service.